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Shenzhen Beta Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Honeywell in China. The company is devoted to the promotion and application of the world class sensing and control technology of the world famous brand Honeywell, and is professional to provide the best solution for the customers. Now, the company is the best distributor of Honeywell in China.
Our customers include home appliance, medical equipment, motor control, industrial control, instruments and meters, office automation, environment monitor system, power protection, financial instrument, and commercial machine, etc.
Our goal is to help our customer improve product quality, reduce production cost, and gain competitiveness to achieve the mutual growth.
We stick to the win-win principle, that is to grow with our customers; at the same time, we are working hard to communicate with the customers, to understand their needs and wants , to reduce the cost and to make it convenient to do business with us. The final goal is to improve the production efficiency of both sides.
Honeywell .
Headquartered in America and established in 1885, the company started from the production of building thermomist. After 120 years' development, the company now has 120,000 employees all over the world and over 24 billion US dollars sales revenue. The company provides all kinds of sensing and control products and systems for the industry, buildings, aeronautics and astronautics. The company now has factories, research centers, sales and service centers in more than 90 countries and is the leader in the automation control field. To know more details, please log on 

Company Vision
To offer optimal solution for the customers;
To enhance customers' competitiveness;
To increase customers' productivity;
To achieve mutual profitable growth 

Our Canada Branch: Beta Corporation
Contact: Tony Or
Address: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Honeywell sensing and control components:

Current Sensors
Null balance Current Sensors:

Open loop current sensors:

Hall Effect Sensors
Digital output:

MR sensor:

Analog output:

Humidity sensors
Force sensor
Pressure sensor
Temperature sensor
MR sensor

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